First Post – Introduction

Hello reader~!  Welcome and thank you for stumbling onto my blog.  As this is the first post, I felt like I should write a bit about the purpose of this blog, ya know, the usual stuff.

First off hello, I’m RebelVampire, and it’s nice to meet you.  At current I serve as the Writing Director for StArt Faire magazine.  On the side, I work towards becoming an indie game developer and a skilled artisan in a variety of trades.  I have a passion for intellectual pursuits and spend a good portion of my day learning about topics just for the sake of knowing them.  Outside of that, I’d say the primary thing to know about me is I really love cats and space.

Now, as for the blog, to be frank its existence is mostly for me to have a medium through which to practice writing.  Like numerous creative pursuits, writing is something you gain skill for through practice; so, I wanted something extra through which I could practice a different style of writing.  I also wanted a platform via which I could talk about topics that interest me.

However, that being said, I would hope that some of the topics on this blog would be of interest to some of you readers.  Most things on here will, of course, be my opinion (and believe me, I’m no expert on everything).  Nevertheless, you will find a variety of topics from me analyzing video games to maybe the occasional post that’s just sharing some awesome content that I admire.  There will really be just a hodge podge blog of topics (for the time being at least), so there should hopefully be something for everyone.

I definitely want to hear from anyone else who stumbles on this blog, so never be afraid to leave a comment or contact me. 🙂  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and even if people disagree, I’d like this to be a community that is open to non-malicious discussion.

I hope everyone, including myself, has a great time here, so cheers to the debut of a new blog~!