Overdue Update Post

Upfront, I apologize for not posting an update here sooner about where I disappeared to.  Time really gets away when you have a lot going on.  I will get into the nitty gritty below the cut, but if you want the TL;DR: I will be stepping away from regular updates on this blog and go to irregular updates.

So to start off this tale of disappearance, I got a fairly steady freelance job in March involving technical writing.  Until this point, I had been out of work for quite a long period, and had spent the last six months trying and failing to find a job in any field.  This freelance job came unexpectedly, but thankfully.  However, its sudden appearance meant an instant drop in the amount of time I had for other projects.

Given that my time became more precious, I started having to reconsider my priorities.  I had already had little time for fiction writing before the job, and with the job there was almost no time for it whatsoever.  Further, I have other projects that needed more of my attention as well, including an indie game I’m developing with a friend.  When it came down to it, this blog was the thing that unfortunately seemed the easiest to sacrifice.  While I took a break under the guise of trying to decide what I wanted to do, the truth is I had already decided that this blog could no longer be a regular part of my life.

I had meant several times over to update this blog with an official announcement of that nature, but found the job sucking my time and energy most days.  However, today was the day I finally pulled myself up by my bootstraps.

Now, I’m not going to remove the blog for two reasons.  First off, I do feel others might find it beneficial since many of the writing posts will always be rather relevant.  Second, I do wish to update here occasionally.  Unlike before, though, these updates will be irregular and based on inspiration.  However, I hope others might still enjoy them even if infrequent.

In the meantime, I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, even if it was just a single post.  The views meant a lot to me, as the internet really does make you feel like you’re writing into the void fairly often.  It was inspiring to know some of my posts really hit, and I really appreciated the support!

That’s really the whole story, so once again thank you, and I will see you around~!