About RebelVampire

RebelVampire is a writer, aspiring indie game developer, and potentially just two cats in a trench coat.  Rebel has an intense love both for stories and educational material.  When not thinking of extensive world lore, Rebel can usually be found perusing YouTube for videos on any sort of educational topic.  Professionally speaking, Rebel has a BA in English Literature.  From January 2016 until August 2018, Rebel served as the Writing Director of StArt Faire.

At current, Rebel is working on several novels.  Additionally, Rebel is the host for Comic Tea Party, a book club and workshopping community for webcomics.


If you’d like to find out more about RebelVampire and Rebel’s projects, please peruse the links below~!  If you have questions, business inquiries, or anything of that sort, please feel free to contact Rebel at rebelvampiresay@gmail.com.  Please make sure to include something in the subject line about the nature of the e-mail so it isn’t flagged as spam~!