RV Webcomic Reviews: Postmortem Of a Puppet

This week I had the honor of checking out Postmortem Of a Puppet by Pancaek, a rather avant garde comic.  While much of the comic, especially the art, is fantastic, it definitely won’t be for everyone.

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RV Show Reviews: Lost in Space



When I heard there was a new Lost in Space series on Netflix, I was skeptical to say the least.  I am largely not a fan of remakes, if only because many of them are terrible cash grabs.  I had even heard mixed reactions to the series, so that further did not inspire me to expect much.  However, if there’s two things I love in life, it’s space and robots that say, “Danger, Will Robinson.”  Thus, I decided one day to put it on, because what else was I going to do with my life?  So how did it stack up?  Well, let’s dive in to my review, and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

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Some Thoughts on “Star-begotten” Chapters 9 & 10

As you can imagine, finishing up the last bit of Star-begotten by H.G. Wells means that all the cards are laid out on the table.  Somehow, through these last two chapters, we finally see what the true symbolic meaning of “Martians” is: the future and future generations.  However, we also see a brief window into the dismissal of the idea that we are held back by our own past.  As per usual, the following is simply my own interpretation of the story.

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Rebel’s Writing Tips: 5 Guidelines for Checking Your First Draft

So you’ve done it.  Your first draft of your new novel is done, and you’re ready to embark on the journey of editing.  Maybe it’s your billionth time editing, or maybe you’ve never actually checked your first drafts ever before.  Either way, an arduous journey awaits you, and you’re going to dive in.  Only one problem: where do you even start and how do you actually edit your first draft in a way that can potentially improve it?

You would not be alone asking these questions, as these are issues that plague every author.  Knowing what to look for or what to do when you’re looking at your first draft is difficult at best, especially if it’s not something you usually do.  Thankfully, though, there are some foundations you can adapt to your editing process that will help you fix issues and improve on what you already have.  Today, I would like to share with you my five guidelines where this is concerned, and hopefully these will help ease your own experience with editing your 2nd and beyond drafts.

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Rebel’s 3 Quick Tips for Beginner’s Marketing

It is no secret that marketing is hard.  Particularly for indie creators and small business folk, marketing can seem like an endless sea of jargon that is impossible to delve into with limited funds.  This is not to mention that marketing can be time consuming, which is often why bigger companies have a whole position dedicated to the endeavor.  It can be tireless and tedious, but unfortunately something that has to be done if you want your content or business seen.

What’s worse, however, is that many beginners with marketing hit walls when it comes to improving their marketing skills.  Sure, they’re on social media platforms and are posting frequently about their exciting content and business stuff.  However, nothing seems to be happening except silence and loneliness.  While I don’t have time to offer insight into individual cases, I can give you three quick tips that will hopefully make you think of marketing a bit differently.  If you’re a beginner to marketing, I hope you will take a look, as doing these three basic things will help you improve your strategy over time.

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Some Thoughts on Star-begotten Chapters 7 & 8

As the story of Star-begotten by H.G. Wells gets closer to the end, more and more negative qualities of humanity come about in both blunt and subtle forms.  Chapters 7 & 8 are no exception, as the idea of Martianization takes hold of the public, and we see the effects the news has on others.  However, these chapters in particular focus on two interesting aspects: our assumption that “rational” people all agree on certain matters, and the effects sensationalizing has on scientific inquiry.  As per usual, the following is my own interpretation of the story and just my opinion.

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