Rebel’s Sharing Stuff Sunday #24

Welcome to my weekly post where I share awesome stuff I encountered throughout the week.  You’ll find a variety of things here including (but not limited to) links to comics, articles, YouTube videos, and show recommendations.  If you’d like to find potentially new things, I encourage you to tune in every Sunday and check out what gets posted!

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Some Thoughts on “The Messengers”

Lord Dunsany’s Fifty-One Tales is a collection of short stories that I recently decided to give a try.  I started off with “The Messengers,” a fantastical tale about muses and their messengers.  Unlike what I was expecting, the tale is far more metaphorical than it is plot driven.  However, within the tale we can pick out a sad lament about what it is like to be a creative thinker.  As always, the following is my own interpretation of the piece and not reflective of some magical objective fact.

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Rebel’s Tips: Amateur Artists Online and How to Not Discourage Them

The online sphere is a vast place with people of all skill levels.  Some are experienced at their craft and have been doing it for 20+ years.  Others are just getting their feet wet.  That being said, the internet can be a cruel place where a cult of hating on newbies has formed.  Unfortunately, this puts any hobby in a bad place, as it’s the “newbies” who eventually become the experienced people who keep the craft going.  Thus, no matter your skill level, hating on the newbies is never good.

Yet, there are subtle ways in which people do not realize that they are discouraging beginners from advancing in any single craft.  While I cannot speak for many industries, I can speak for things I see from many experienced artists, as that is where my usual haunt spot is.  Art is, unfortunately, not immune to these subtle, discouraging intricacies that do more harm than good.  As such, today I would like to talk about these things and give advice on how to avoid turning newbies away from artistic pursuits.  My intent is not to call anyone specific out, but simply caution people away from dangerous trends I often see in online conduct.

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Some Thoughts on “Beyond the Door”

“Beyond the Door” is an intriguing science fiction story written by Philip K. Dick.  There is little science to be found in the story, yet at the surface level it still deals with mankind’s fears of anything manmade.  However, in the case of this story, the technology works as a metaphor to address other life paranoias.  Though there are certainly a plethora of interpretations of the work, the one I wish to focus on today is that of relationships and taking things for granted.  As always, remember the interpretation of the work is my own and simply opinion.

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Rebel’s Writing Tips: Character Basics

Sometimes as a somewhat more experienced writer, I take for granted important foundations that not everyone has when it comes to writing.  Whether it’s how to make a plot in the first place or how to format your writing, these are all important aspects to understand and practice when you’re a beginner (or heck, even when you’re experienced).  Thus, today I would like to tackle one of those basic foundations every writer should be able to handle: characters.  Characters are the life blood of any fictional story, so knowing how to create them is monumentally important.  I will start with the most basic of tips and work my way up.  Hopefully, at the end of this tips session, you’ll be ready to write many amazing characters.

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RWBY Volume 5: Why I am Beyond Disappointed



With RWBY having just finished up its fifth season/volume (I’m gonna use volume and season interchangeably because it’s the same difference), I find that it’s at last time for me to talk about it.  Admittedly, I had wanted to talk about the season earlier, but I held off hoping that something the season did would change my mind as far as my overall opinion was.  Alas, this was not the case.  Instead, I am left a disappointed fan asking questions about what happened.  Did something in the team dynamic change?  Did their budget change?  Though I suppose I’ll never know, today I want to use my blog to discuss why season 5 was such an immense disappointment for me.

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