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Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog~!  Since you might actually be visiting this page to find out about me, let me elaborate a bit about myself.  I am a person who is pretty passionate about writing.  I love stories, particularly ones that have elaborate worlds with extensive lore.  However, I am also a lover of non-fiction as well.  I enjoy learning about the world we live in and I also love trying to find the best ways to communicate with others efficiently.  I even love learning languages (when I have the time at least XD), so you could definitely say I love everything about the written word.

Outside of my passions for writing, I would also consider myself a novice game designer.  Much of my life has been influenced by games, and like many indie designers, I am very interested in games as a story-telling medium.  With three small, but complete games under my belt, I started my own studio, Illimitable Galaxies, in order to boost my legitimacy as an indie game designer to the next level.

Professionally speaking, I have a BA in English Literature.  At current, I work as the Writing Director for StArt Faire magazine.  There I contribute articles, in particular webcomic reviews, while also managing some of the business aspects for the magazine.  However, I am also looking to expand into editing freelance work as well as some other entrepreneurial ventures.  Of course, as mentioned, I am also pursuing game design as well, so I have a large amount of projects on my plate.

There really isn’t much else to say, outside it will become obvious I love cats and space.  Thank you again for coming to my blog and I hope you find something that catches your interest.



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If you have questions, business inquiries, or anything of that sort, please feel free to contact me at  Please make sure to include something in the subject line about the nature of the e-mail so I know it isn’t spam~!

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