RV Show Reviews: The Handmaid’s Tale




Though like usual I’m late to the game, I decided to check out The Handmaid’s Tale.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about the show, and finally decided I would take a look.  Besides knowing the basic premise, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Below are my thoughts on the show.  If you’re reading this from the future, this review will only cover the first two seasons, as that’s what’s out at the time of writing this.  Also, a usual reminder that the following review is my own opinion.  You should draw your own conclusions and not hinge on my words.

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Webcomic/Indie Comic Reader Habits Survey Results Part 2

As I explained on Wednesday, at the end of June I conducted a survey through Comic Tea Party to assess reader habits for webcomics/indie comics.  I went over the results for the first ten questions in that post, so if you missed out, check in on it.

In this post, I would like to do two things.  First off, I’m going to discuss the optional question 11 which many participants did fill in and that I have aggregated to the best of my ability.  Second, I am going to discuss my own thoughts on the results of the survey as well as some areas where there is room for error.  Of course, if you don’t care about my thoughts, you are highly welcome to skip them and draw your own conclusions.

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Webcomic/Indie Comic Reader Habits Survey Results Part 1

For those who don’t know, I am the host of a weekly, webcomic book club known as Comic Tea Party.  At the end of June, through Comic Tea Party, I surveyed webcomic/indie comic readers and gathered data on their reading habits.  This included questions about reading frequency and how they interacted with the comics they read.  The survey received 188 responses, and today I would like to go through the data and share what we have learned with the survey.

Note: This survey had 10 required questions and 1 optional question.  This post will seek to only aggregate the data for the first 10.  Question 11, which was the optional fill-in, will be aggregated in Part 2.

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Some Thoughts on “Other Kingdom”

Is it worthwhile to learn the classics?  This is a question posed to some of the characters at the very beginning of the “Other Kingdom” by E.M. Forster.  After some debate, one of the characters poignantly says the classics teach them how to avoid things.  While the story is certainly about more than that, there is a related theme that ties in that message: the importance of escapism.  As per usual, the following is my own interpretation of the piece, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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Some Thoughts on “The Colour Out of Space”

The Colour Out of Space is an intriguing tale by H.P. Lovecraft that attempts to combine two different genre aspects into one coherent story.  On the one hand, it addresses our fears of space and how we may not understand everything that comes from it.  On the other hand, it features our fear of what might lie underground in the dark that we can neither see nor comprehend.  The elements work together wonderfully.  Yet, there are also a few smaller elements worth discussing, as their presence adds a true terrifying “what if” prospect.  As per usual, this is merely my own interpretation of the story.

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Some Thoughts on “Love of Life”

“Love of Life” by Jack London is one of those stories you come away from completely horrified.  There are certain types of scenarios we know exist, and yet our minds often choose not to dwell on them.  To do so would mean to accept the true, horrific experience they would be.  “Love of Life” chooses to dwell on one of these scenarios, in this case what almost starving to death is like.  However, within this tale we examine a dark take on what it means to survive by all means necessary and what we may lose in the process.  As always, the following is my own interpretation of the story and not the only interpretation possible.

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RV Movie Reviews: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Read at your own peril.  This is your chance to click away.



As I mentioned in my review of The Last Jedi, I don’t see many movies.  However, I make exception for Star Wars, because it’s, well, Star Wars.  Going in though, I never expect much, as the newer Star Wars films are extremely flawed.  Not unenjoyable per say, but technically flawed in many ways.  So, what then did I think of Solo: A Star Wars Story?  Let’s run through my thoughts and feelings, and I’ll tell you just that.

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Game Story Analysis: Relating to Characters Fast in Detroit: Become Human

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for the beginning of Detroit: Become Human.



As I did a previous week, this week we’re going to analyze a story and how it accomplishes a specific writing element.  In this week’s case, we’re taking a look at Detroit: Become Human and how I believe the game manages to give us an immediate connection to the three playable characters: Connor, Markus, and Kara.  Obviously, this is simply my opinion, but I think it is an analysis worth tackling.

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Game Story Analysis: A Way Out’s Plot Twist




While normally Fridays are for literary analysis, this week I’m going to try a different approach.  Instead of evaluating meaning and such, I am going to examine a story on a more technical level.  In so doing, I hope to express how a story accomplished a certain writing feat so that others may take the analysis and apply it to their own writing.  Given that this is a new sort of post, I only hope that others cut me a little slack on the execution.

All that garble out of the way, I feel the most appropriate place to start is an analysis of the plot twist in the new game A Way Out.  Unsurprisingly, this is not a post for those who do not want to be spoiled.  For those who already know or don’t care, today I’m going to examine why I believe the plot twist for this game’s story really works.  Obviously, this is going to be my opinion, and you don’t need to agree with it.  However, I hope you will allow me to go through my analysis with an open mind.

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