RV Webcomic Reviews: Aether Eternius

This week I had the extreme honor to read Aether Eternius.  Created by Shannon Merrill (Novasiri), the comic has phenomenal art design and a great premise, though it is held back by some character dynamic issues.

Read Aether Eternius by Shannon Merrill (Novasiri)

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RV Webcomic Reviews: Cold Blooded

This month I had the honor to review one-shot horror comic Cold Blooded, written and edited by Bradley Golden, penciled by Andrey Lunatik, inked and colored by Mickey Clausen, lettered by Hector Negrete, cover by Helmut Rancho, and variant cover by Oscar Pinto.  Though not a comic for everyone, the art and tone offer a very unsettling read perfect for the genre.

Check out Cold Blooded‘s successful Kickstarter campaign for release updates!

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Webcomic/Indie Comic Reader Habits Survey Results Part 2

As I explained on Wednesday, at the end of June I conducted a survey through Comic Tea Party to assess reader habits for webcomics/indie comics.  I went over the results for the first ten questions in that post, so if you missed out, check in on it.

In this post, I would like to do two things.  First off, I’m going to discuss the optional question 11 which many participants did fill in and that I have aggregated to the best of my ability.  Second, I am going to discuss my own thoughts on the results of the survey as well as some areas where there is room for error.  Of course, if you don’t care about my thoughts, you are highly welcome to skip them and draw your own conclusions.

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