RV TV Reviews: The Dragon Prince



Unlike usual, for once I’m actually decently early to starting a series.  Going into The Dragon Prince, I had two expectations: I’d like the story concepts, but at the same time would cringe at everything else.  So, how did Netflix’s newest production play out?  Let’s jump into the review and work out what’s up with this series.

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RV Webcomic Reviews: Alethia

In my opinion, you will find few greater science fiction comics than Alethia.  Created by Kristina Stipetic, the comic offers a fantastic story-telling experience that explores emotions and the human condition.

Read Alethia by Kristina Stipetic

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RV Movie Reviews: Mary and the Witch’s Flower




Unexpectedly, I noticed Mary and the Witch’s Flower was on Netflix this week.  As I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan, I’ve had an interest in seeing it since many of Studio Ghibli’s former animators were involved with the film.  That being said, I didn’t know much about the film going in.  Having watched it now, though, I’m ready to review it and share my thoughts.

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RV Show Reviews: The Handmaid’s Tale




Though like usual I’m late to the game, I decided to check out The Handmaid’s Tale.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about the show, and finally decided I would take a look.  Besides knowing the basic premise, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Below are my thoughts on the show.  If you’re reading this from the future, this review will only cover the first two seasons, as that’s what’s out at the time of writing this.  Also, a usual reminder that the following review is my own opinion.  You should draw your own conclusions and not hinge on my words.

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RV Movie Reviews: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Read at your own peril.  This is your chance to click away.



As I mentioned in my review of The Last Jedi, I don’t see many movies.  However, I make exception for Star Wars, because it’s, well, Star Wars.  Going in though, I never expect much, as the newer Star Wars films are extremely flawed.  Not unenjoyable per say, but technically flawed in many ways.  So, what then did I think of Solo: A Star Wars Story?  Let’s run through my thoughts and feelings, and I’ll tell you just that.

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RV Anime Reviews: Aggretsuko

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead for Aggretsuko.



Sometimes through the Twitter grapevine I hear about things.  During the week, I’d seen mention of a new Netflix original called Aggretsuko, and the accompanying picture was an adorable red panda that struck me as a Sanrio character (which surprise, she is a Sanrio character).  Come the weekend, with little other ideas about what I wanted to watch, I decided, “What the hey?  This looks cute, and I’m on Netflix.  Let’s watch it.”  So there I sat, waiting for an adorable and cute red panda girl story.

What I got instead was death metal and social commentary.

After making it through all ten episodes, I feel it would now be topical for me to review it.  As usual, remember that my reviews do contain some spoilers, and that these are just my opinions.  Also, as my anecdote implies, I’ve never had contact with this particular Sanrio character before, so this is my first exposure to her.  Lastly, I watched the subbed version, so I have no comments regarding the dub quality.

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RV Anime Reviews: Children of the Whales Season 1

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead for Children of the Whales



Over the weekend I binge watched the entirety of a Netflix licensed anime called Children of the Whales.  Since it’s been a while since I’ve done a review, I thought I’d take a stab with this one in case anybody else has seen it hovering around Netflix.  As a disclaimer, I’ve never had remote contact with the manga for Children of the Whales, and this review will be based entirely on the anime.  As per usual with my reviews, please be aware spoilers will be present, so if you want a non-spoiler review it’s best to look elsewhere.

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RV Game Reviews: Mass Effect: Andromeda




Given there was a good sale, I finally put skepticism aside and picked up Mass Effect: Andromeda.  Yes, as per usual I am a bit late to the party on game playing.  Nevertheless, I spammed played it for the last few weeks, doing every silly side quest one could possibly do.  Having completed the story over the weekend, though, I feel at last ready to summarize my thoughts and review the game in full.  As a standard disclaimer, this review is just my own opinions.  If you have differing opinions, that’s great, and I’d love for you to share them!  Keep in mind, too, that I will not be covering multiplayer in this review.

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RWBY Volume 5: Why I am Beyond Disappointed



With RWBY having just finished up its fifth season/volume (I’m gonna use volume and season interchangeably because it’s the same difference), I find that it’s at last time for me to talk about it.  Admittedly, I had wanted to talk about the season earlier, but I held off hoping that something the season did would change my mind as far as my overall opinion was.  Alas, this was not the case.  Instead, I am left a disappointed fan asking questions about what happened.  Did something in the team dynamic change?  Did their budget change?  Though I suppose I’ll never know, today I want to use my blog to discuss why season 5 was such an immense disappointment for me.

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