Example Work

This is a collection of various written works I have completed.  They have been collected here for the purpose of showcasing other types of writing besides writing for the blog.  I’ve included both fiction and non-fiction in the collection, so please take your time and have a look.


Flight 386

Summary: A short story about a woman dealing with her friend after he saves a plane and becomes a hero. Originally written in 2010.

Running with Scissors

Summary: A short-story that views into a man’s rather mediocre life. Originally written in 2010

Everyday Couple

Summary: A vignette piece focusing on a young man contemplating his relationship. Originally written in 2010.

Commenting 101: Creators Should Too

Summary: An article written for StArt Faire, a free online magazine for the indie comic industry.  The article focuses on commenting on the works of others as a marketing technique. Originally written in 2016.

Untitled Vignette 1

Summary: A flash fiction about a writer struggling to write. Originally written in 2015.

RV Reviews: IMAGICA=verse

Summary: A review part of my RV Reviews series in StArt Faire.  The review was for the webcomic IMAGICA=verse by Zannen. Originally written in 2016. Full-size can be read in the original issue, in my archives, or via a text-only … Continue reading

Sell and Eat the Children

Summary: An academic paper written while I was attending college.  The paper analyzes Jonathan Swift’s use of rhetoric and satire in his piece “A Modest Proposal.” Originally written in 2011.  Some MLA formatting may be lost.

Science, Social Problems, and the Stories That Notice

Summary: An academic paper written while I was attending college.  The paper focuses on presenting science fiction’s use of satire to represent people’s corruption and social problems. Originally written in 2012.  Some MLA formatting may be lost.