Rebel’s Tips: Amateur Artists Online and How to Not Discourage Them

The online sphere is a vast place with people of all skill levels.  Some are experienced at their craft and have been doing it for 20+ years.  Others are just getting their feet wet.  That being said, the internet can be a cruel place where a cult of hating on newbies has formed.  Unfortunately, this puts any hobby in a bad place, as it’s the “newbies” who eventually become the experienced people who keep the craft going.  Thus, no matter your skill level, hating on the newbies is never good.

Yet, there are subtle ways in which people do not realize that they are discouraging beginners from advancing in any single craft.  While I cannot speak for many industries, I can speak for things I see from many experienced artists, as that is where my usual haunt spot is.  Art is, unfortunately, not immune to these subtle, discouraging intricacies that do more harm than good.  As such, today I would like to talk about these things and give advice on how to avoid turning newbies away from artistic pursuits.  My intent is not to call anyone specific out, but simply caution people away from dangerous trends I often see in online conduct.

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Rebel’s Writing Tips: Character Basics

Sometimes as a somewhat more experienced writer, I take for granted important foundations that not everyone has when it comes to writing.  Whether it’s how to make a plot in the first place or how to format your writing, these are all important aspects to understand and practice when you’re a beginner (or heck, even when you’re experienced).  Thus, today I would like to tackle one of those basic foundations every writer should be able to handle: characters.  Characters are the life blood of any fictional story, so knowing how to create them is monumentally important.  I will start with the most basic of tips and work my way up.  Hopefully, at the end of this tips session, you’ll be ready to write many amazing characters.

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Rebel’s Tips: Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Promote Yourself

Considering we’re in the age of information overload, it’s no secret that promoting your content is hard.  There is no one true correct formula for promoting yourself that works for everyone.  After all, everyone has a different audience that is interested in their content, and each audience is more susceptible to certain types of promotion than others.  That being said, while there are no universal right ways to promote your content, there are universal wrong ways to do it.  Unfortunately, I have lately seen a rise in these wrong ways, which inevitably results in people being turned away from the content.  Thus, today I would like to share with you my tips on what you shouldn’t be doing.  Contrastingly, I will also try providing alternatives on what you can do.

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Online Presence and the Public Internet

Sometimes, it can be really easy to forget that people on the internet are, well, people.  Even when someone is candid about their real life identity, there is always a veil of anonymity.  I mean, unless they happen to live in your area, you probably aren’t going to meet 99% of the people you interact with online.  As such, you are relatively free from consequences to a certain extent.  Unfortunately, this safety net has subconscious influences sometimes, and it can often have dire consequences when it comes to your online presence.

The reason I bring this topic up today is I have seen a recent spike in lack of self-awareness.  Those posts you write on Twitter?  On Discord?  On YouTube?  On your deviantArt journals?  Most everyone can see them.  These are public platforms.  They function in a similar way as going outside onto busy streets.  It is not just your friends who will see them, it’s strangers who are just happening to pass by.

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Rebel’s Tips: Making and Keeping a Resolution

With New Year’s just around the corner, I’m sure many of you will be sitting down to write your New Year’s resolution.  Let’s get the downer fact out of the way though: only a small percentage of people really achieve their resolution.  Some fail the minute the year starts, others never start, and some just get tossed about by the unpredictability of life.  In a lot of cases, though, the sabotage begins the minute you sit down and make that resolution.

Fret not, however.  The positive twist to all this is you can make and fulfill a resolution successfully if you put your mind to it.  To help you along, I’m here to provide you with my own tips for having a successful New Year’s resolution that you can be proud of for 2018.  So sit back, have some hot chocolate, and prepare yourself for a fresh start.

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Rebel’s Tips: Creating Religions for Fiction

As a fair warning before I start, if you consider religion a controversial subject that shouldn’t be portrayed in fiction, you may want to click off now.  If you aren’t sensitive to the topic, welcome!

When writing fantasy, sci-fi, or various other genres, you may reach a point where you want to make a special religion for your world.  Maybe it’s important to the plot, or maybe it’s an element you want to add to deepen the lore of the world and make it more robust.  Regardless, creating a new religion can be a lot of fun.  Yet, it can also be a trial for those who’ve never done it before.  Should you have one god?  Many gods?  Should you have rituals?  There are a lot of questions when it comes to writing one, so today I want to share with you some basic tips and questions to get you started on creating your own religion for your story’s world~!

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Rebel’s Tips: Self-Discipline & Procrastination

What is it that you should be doing right now?  Inking your comic?  Writing your novel?  Practicing piano?  Working your job?

I’m willing to bet that there is at least one thing you’re procrastinating in order to read this post.  While I appreciate it, you should consider if this indicative of a larger problem.  If this is your first break, then by all means enjoy yourself and relax!  However, if this is the millionth post you read while procrastinating, you may want to consider you are exhibiting some signs of poor self-discipline.

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Rebel’s Writing Tips: New Fiction Writers – Getting Started Encouragement

Being a beginner at anything can be extremely intimidating.  Even if people are used to writing numerous texts or tweets or school essays, writing stories is a different ballpark (especially if you want to do it well).  Whether it’s going to be your first time attempting to write a story, or you’re just about to take it seriously for the first time despite dabbling, it can be very easy to get discouraged.  More experienced writers often can speak in jargon and blather on and on about showing vs. telling, metaphors, allusions, foreshadowing, and a whole other bunch of stuff.  Frankly, even I tend to tackle very specific, technical aspects of writing.  However, I acknowledge that for the newest of the new, this can be confusing at best.

Thus, for today’s post I’d like to talk to you new writers who are just getting started in your writing career/hobby/whatever you want to term it.  I want to not only provide you some basic guidelines for starting your journey, but also show you how not to get discouraged.  Let’s dive in and hopefully you’ll find some useful information within.

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Rebel’s Tips on Weight Loss

Weight loss is often a very popular New Year’s resolution, and one that a lot of people struggle with.  Sure, those first few weeks go well.  You’re eating your salads and soups, you’re drinking your water, etc.  Of course, everyone is allowed a cheat day so you can eat that chocolate cake you’ve been saving, right?  Only, suddenly the next day you’re sad and that cheat day becomes two cheat days.  Soon, everything has spiraled out of control, and the goal of losing weight is lost to the abyss.  Even if it wasn’t your New Year’s resolution, this is often how weight loss spirals into failure regardless.

Weight loss is hard.  There’s no way around it.  If it was easy, the anecdote above would be far less common.  However, as someone who has lost an enormous amount of weight in my life, I can tell you that weight loss is possible.  Given my own successes with it, I feel it might be helpful to some for me to share my tips regarding the subject.  So, if this is something you’d be interested in, read on!

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