Overdue Update Post

Upfront, I apologize for not posting an update here sooner about where I disappeared to.  Time really gets away when you have a lot going on.  I will get into the nitty gritty below the cut, but if you want the TL;DR: I will be stepping away from regular updates on this blog and go to irregular updates.

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A Few Changes to Blog Updates

I will cut to the chase on the matter: this blog will be moving back to one update per week.  Updates will occur on Fridays.  I didn’t feel right not saying anything, so I’m putting any readers out there on notice.  If you don’t care about the reasons why, no need to read further.  For those that do want to know, continue on.

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Vacation Week

Hey all my blog readers out there!  I just wanted to give a belated notice that I will be taking a break from my blog this week.  I haven’t had a real break from it since I started the blog, and frankly I need it.  This is not to mention that between some real life events and project events going on this week, I am just over-stressed and need to take a time out for my own mental health.  I’ll return next week with some new material, hopefully!

Thanks for reading and see you next week~!

Why you Should Use MMD: Rebel’s Love Letter

Though I’m a pretty stringent and organized person, even I’m prone to occasionally taking a break to pursue a sudden, emotional passion.  For me, this usually means I’m playing around with MikuMikuDance.  MikuMikuDance, for those who are raising their eyebrows, is an animation/dance program that was originally meant to be used to make PVs for Vocaloid characters (hence Miku’s name in the title).  However, given its free nature and the robust openness of the program, it has evolved to have a passionate community around it who make all kinds of videos.  Some make licensed characters, others make their own characters, some focus on making shareable motions, some focus on making effects, and so on and so forth.  There are a billion resources, many provided for free by the community, to allow people to create amazing and creative videos of all sorts.

Given I’m in one of these passionate streaks, today I would like to gush about the program and tell you why you should try it out.  It may not be your thing (as blood, sweat, and tears are involved), but for others it may wind up being a rewarding experience.  So sit back, and prepare yourself for my love letter to MMD.

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No Post This Week

Hey everyone.  There won’t be a post this week.  I’m very sorry to miss the update day.  Sadly, one of my cats passed away this evening so I’m just not in an emotional fit state to update the blog this week.

Posting should resume normally next week.  Thank you in advance for understanding during this time of grief. 😥

First Post – Introduction

Hello reader~!  Welcome and thank you for stumbling onto my blog.  As this is the first post, I felt like I should write a bit about the purpose of this blog, ya know, the usual stuff.

First off hello, I’m RebelVampire, and it’s nice to meet you.  At current I serve as the Writing Director for StArt Faire magazine.  On the side, I work towards becoming an indie game developer and a skilled artisan in a variety of trades.  I have a passion for intellectual pursuits and spend a good portion of my day learning about topics just for the sake of knowing them.  Outside of that, I’d say the primary thing to know about me is I really love cats and space.

Now, as for the blog, to be frank its existence is mostly for me to have a medium through which to practice writing.  Like numerous creative pursuits, writing is something you gain skill for through practice; so, I wanted something extra through which I could practice a different style of writing.  I also wanted a platform via which I could talk about topics that interest me.

However, that being said, I would hope that some of the topics on this blog would be of interest to some of you readers.  Most things on here will, of course, be my opinion (and believe me, I’m no expert on everything).  Nevertheless, you will find a variety of topics from me analyzing video games to maybe the occasional post that’s just sharing some awesome content that I admire.  There will really be just a hodge podge blog of topics (for the time being at least), so there should hopefully be something for everyone.

I definitely want to hear from anyone else who stumbles on this blog, so never be afraid to leave a comment or contact me. 🙂  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and even if people disagree, I’d like this to be a community that is open to non-malicious discussion.

I hope everyone, including myself, has a great time here, so cheers to the debut of a new blog~!