RV Show Reviews: Castlevania Seasons 1 & 2



There are always certain shows I hesitate to even try.  Some just aren’t my usual genre cup of tea, some I’m skeptical towards being good, and some I get overly distracted wondering why they even exist.  Netflix’s Castlevania fell somewhere in between the 2nd and 3rd reason for me.  However, I had heard on the grapevine that it was a good show.  So, with few other shows peaking my interest, I decided to give this one a shot.

Before I begin my review, I would like to preface this with important information.  I have never played a single Castlevania game.  While I went in knowing some basics just by nature of being around the gaming community a lot, my knowledge of the series is laughable at best.  Thus, my review is going to judge the show based solely on the show.  How it stacks up to the games, I don’t know.  To some this may prove a bad place to be coming from, whereas to others it means less bias.  Nevertheless, I feel this transparency is important to know, since even the most objective reviews are not without bias.

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RV Webcomic Reviews: Cold Blooded

This month I had the honor to review one-shot horror comic Cold Blooded, written and edited by Bradley Golden, penciled by Andrey Lunatik, inked and colored by Mickey Clausen, lettered by Hector Negrete, cover by Helmut Rancho, and variant cover by Oscar Pinto.  Though not a comic for everyone, the art and tone offer a very unsettling read perfect for the genre.

Check out Cold Blooded‘s successful Kickstarter campaign for release updates!

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5 Questions to Help You Decide to Quit

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: quitting a project is extremely difficult.  Whether out of pride or love, many people will work themselves to the bone to keep their projects afloat.  To quit is basically the most illegal thing to do in their mental space, even when circumstances and passion for the project have changed.  Even I’ve experienced the anxiety that the idea of quitting can bring, wondering who I might be letting down and how evil I am for not being able to stay committed.

Yet, sometimes quitting is what one must do.  The question remains, then, how does one decide on a less emotionally impulsive level to quit?  Today, I would like to provide you with five questions you should ask yourself in regards to quitting a project.  I strongly believe these five will help you arrive at an answer that is both logical, calm, and extremely revealing of where your own mind is at.

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4 Things You Might Be Doing to Turn Fans Away

Being an indie creator comes with many challenges no matter the industry.  Not only are you responsible for the content produced, but you also have to handle matters like marketing, community management, and, sometimes, making the content financially profitable.  Having skills in all those matters is difficult, and it’s even more difficult to do them well.  However, learning those skills are focused on one thing: the fans.

Assuming you want your content to succeed and be noticed by others, fans are the beginning and the end of that.  Thus, while you shouldn’t necessarily bend over backwards for fans, you should be willing to show a certain regard for them.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of things you can do that will inevitably turn those fans away from your content.  Double unfortunately, a lot of these things I see done on the daily regardless of what sector the indie creator works in.  As such, today I would like to give some tips to indie creators on the things they’re potentially doing that are inevitably turning away their own fans.  Please keep in mind this is in no way accusing anyone in particular, nor am I implying those who do these things are “bad” creators.  Instead, please regard this post as one that wants to help creators succeed and better understand their fans’ perspective.

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RV Show Reviews: Lost in Space



When I heard there was a new Lost in Space series on Netflix, I was skeptical to say the least.  I am largely not a fan of remakes, if only because many of them are terrible cash grabs.  I had even heard mixed reactions to the series, so that further did not inspire me to expect much.  However, if there’s two things I love in life, it’s space and robots that say, “Danger, Will Robinson.”  Thus, I decided one day to put it on, because what else was I going to do with my life?  So how did it stack up?  Well, let’s dive in to my review, and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

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